Ironsphere Case studyDownload as PDF

Ironsphere Case study
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The bank has tens of mainframe Lpars used for development, text, integration and production work. Each Lpar is configured to best performance and availability. The bank auditors need to verify thousands of configuration and permission items to ensure the systems are...
IronSphere Inspector DatasheetDownload as PDF

IronSphere Inspector Datasheet
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When your business needs to meet demanding federal regulations and industry standards, but you rely on manual processing for security scans and auditing, proving compliance can be an ongoing chore of enormous time and effort.  Download the article in PDF...
Garanti BBVA Success StoryDownload as PDF

Garanti BBVA Success Story
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In December 2020, Garanti BBVA installed IronSphere in a sandbox Lpar in order to test the product in a quarantined environment. After two months, they moved the product to the development and production Lpars. Since then, Garanti BBVA technical and security teams are...
Audit like TeslaDownload as PDF

Audit like Tesla
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A mainframe, just like any other computingplatform, need to be audited. I mean status audit,not event audit which is different and will bediscussed in my next article. What is status audit?This is the process usually called securityassessment or Security Readiness...